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Sole with EVA material is good or rubber is good?

Sole with EVA material is good or rubber is good?

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2019/05/27 15:53
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Introduction to the classification and performance of sports shoe soles.

(1) rubber: used for all kinds of sports shoes outsole has the advantages of good abrasion resistance, anti-skid, elastic, not easy to break, softness better, extending good, stable contraction, good hardness, good bending, and the. Disadvantages: heavy weight, easy to spit cream (a quality issue), not easy to corrosion (environmental issues).

(2) PU: polymer polyurethane synthetic material, often used in basketball, tennis shoes in the end, but also can be directly used for casual shoes. Advantages: density, high hardness, wear resistance, good flexibility, good oxidation resistance, corrosion is not conducive to environmental protection, easy to fold. Disadvantages: strong water absorption, Yi Bianhuang, easy to break, the extension rate is poor, no water, the bottom is easy to decay.

(3) EVA: vinyl acetate copolymer, polymer material. Used to jog, walk, leisure shoes, foot training shoes. Advantages: light, flexible, flexible, good flexibility, not easy to wrinkle, has an excellent color, suitable for a variety of climate. Disadvantages: easy to absorb water, is not easy to corrosion adverse environmental protection, easy to dirty.

(4) Phylon of buy (MD): EVA second high pressure molding, international running shoes, tennis shoes, basketball shoes at the end of the main materials, for the casual shoes outsole. Advantages: lightweight, flexible, appearance fine, soft. Easy to clean, hardness, density, tensile, tear, elongation rate is good. Disadvantages: not easy to corrosion adverse environmental protection, high temperature, easy to wrinkle, easy to shrink.

(5): TPR to TPR after injection molding hot pellets, used to jog, walk, casual shoes insole, outsole. Advantages: easy and cheap plastic. Disadvantages: material weight, wear difference (not wear), poor flexibility, poor bending (not resistant to break), the ability to absorb shock

(6) the performance comparison: TPR ratio is significant, is heavy, the elasticity is general, the wear-resisting degree is general. Rubber base specific gravity is also larger, but more soft, very wear-resistant, strong grip, but the flexibility is poor, generally used in indoor football shoes and casual shoes. EVA at the end of a very light, flexible, only to wear for a long time to reduce the elastic, become a little practical. Pu, MD at the bottom of the elastic and durable without deformation, movement is flexible and comfortable, the proportion of small, very portable, so it is used widely (PU is better than the MD density greater damping effect, but at the same time is also relatively heavy), the general film with rubber, wear non slip.


Baixi Industrial Area, Chengnan Town, Wenling City, Zhejiang, China